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    I was asked to paint a giant fiberglass sculpture. I’ve never painted on fiberglass, so I’d like to get some tips from people who have. Ex: best paint to use, best prep, best sealant, etc.

    What are your tips for painting on fiberglass?

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    I remember painting some massive crown mouldings made of fiberglass a while back. It was spray primed,if I remember correctly, and we used Nova Color acrylics which worked really well. Sorry I don’t have more detail beyond that.

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    When I painted fiberglass for the cruise ships, we lightly sanded the fiberglass to give it a tooth for the paint to stick. I don’t remember if we used anything special as a primer after that. Sorry for not being extremely helpful.


    I have painted on lots of fiberglass. First wipe it down with acetone ( will help remove mold realease) will soften to accept primer. Sand if you can for a tooth. There is a product call Bondz made by zinzer (waterbase, for hard to adhere surfaces) after it drys you can use nova or whatever you like. Let dry and seal with a good clearcoat.


    Sherwin Williams Prep-Rite is a good primer for fiberglass. It’s also great with a lot of other hard to prime surfaces, like Formica.

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