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      Hi all!

      I am working with a new company, designing their two show rep for the summer. I suggested that we use a painted vinyl floor for one of our shows. (I used them a couple of times while I was paint charge at Alabama Shakespeare Festival.) The production manager seems very nervous about committing to the vinyl. Specifically, he’s worried about the floor standing up to 15-16 reps and being sturdy enough to stand up to castered units rolling around on it.

      So, is there anyone out here that would be willing to share some testimonials? I sent him Lisa Lazar’s blog post from 2007 (, which is where I first learned about painted vinyl flooring, but hope some more experiences might help him feel confident about trying out something new.

      Thanks in advance!

       Angelique Powers
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        I painted a vinyl floor that was used for an outdoor street event that had over 1,000 people walking over it in the hot sun and or rain. Then they rolled it up, stored it all winter, unrolled it the next year and yes it was dirty as all get out from that much abuse, but yes the paint held up. After I spent a day scrubbing every inch of it to clean, it only needed minor touch up, and usually only on the seams where they had to tape it together. It lasted for four summers.

        1- scrubbed with Windex and scotch brite pads before painting- something about helping it get really clean and break down the finish so it accepts paint better.

        2- Rosco Tough Prime, let it sit over night to really cure.

        3- Paint it- I snuck more tough prime into my paint just cause in my head I think it makes it stronger.

        4- I sealed with Modern Masters Dead Flat Exterior – one brushed on pass and two from a p-50. And let it sit over the weekend before they rolled it up and put it out on the street. But I’m assuming you can use your favorite sealer – I just wanted something that could handle rain if need be.

          • Experience: 15-20 years
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