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     Jamie Clausius
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      Hello fellow scenic art organization enthusiasts! My name is Jamie Clausius and I work for Tobins Lake Studios as their Resident Scenic Artist. Some back story, my company is in a transition because we have just been bought by new owners, and moved two hours north of where the studio has lived for over 30 years. So this means we get to create our own areas that work to our exact specifications, how exciting!

      I have been lucky enough to remain in my position and continue on with the company. Because of the move we have obviously needed to reorganize all of how we function as a company. On my end that includes building a whole new paint deck, (we previously had been using a vertical paint frame), as well as a new paint bench (still to be built), and all organization for tools.

      One of my ideas stemmed from my time as a 2 year Scenic Artist Training Program student at Cobalt Studios. They had drying racks with wire mesh as a bottom to help the brushes dry, and the brushes would live there while not in use. We decided at Tobins Lake having a rolling rack for the brushes would be so useful, since we are constantly moving things around the shop and will continue to for a very long time until everything finds its home. Thus the rolling brush cart was born!

      The whole cart stands about 5 feet tall, with dividers in the shelves to help keep similar brush sizes together. And since we all love to use every inch of available space in our shops we decided to also use the side of the cart as extra storage for brushes and cleaning tools. As always this is a work in progress, leaving room for changes and upgrades is always helpful when considering working space and tool storage. Hope this is useful to everyone!

       Lili Lennox
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        Thanks for posting! It’s great to see how others organize similar items…


          Love it, Jamie! Great little mobile command center.

          We use the same wire basket idea over a drying rack & bucket storage area, as well as peg boards over the sink. (Bathtub idea via Rachel at Cobalt)

          What do you guys have for mobile paint carts? I’d love to see more designs for those.

           Jamie Clausius
            • Experience: 5-10 years
            • Scenic Status: Full Time Freelance

            Well luckily I just started using a newly designed paint cart/carrier! Its a bit top heavy, but its great to go from drawing to painting without much effort. We attached a couple of cubbies in the front of the cart, as well as some make shift bamboo/skinny tool holders on the back. There may be some adjustments but its a good start!

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