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      I’ll be painting scenery flats that will be outdoors in wind and rain (covered with a tarp after performances…maybe). Does anyone have any tips/products that would help me concerning painting outdoor scenery? And realizing this is a scene painting forum, would anyone know a resource or other forum I can contact related to outdoor construction techniques to contact? Thanks in advance.

       Carole Payette
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        I have found that with a little extra effort the same scenic techniques will work for walls. Use exterior rated paints when possible and be sure to prime and back paint. If you are wanting to use scenic paints, add a bit extra binder, Rosco clear flat works, and be sure to seal it well. You may want to consider a UV sealer to block any sun fading that may happen over time. We did some gold walls with gold foil and needed to seal it with a UV sealer as the foil turned silver over 4 weeks in the sun. Sampling early to be able to plan for this helps a lot too.

        Floors are much trickier as water will pool on them and they can become very slippery for actors. Painted Masonite is the hardest to get to be non slip. The easiest floor we have done (from the painters’ point of view) was old scaffolding planks that we did washes of burnt and raw umber and some black to make them look aged and that was it. The planks were not sealed so they absorbed the dew that would settle and not get slippery. We did have to add some washes about half way into the summer as they started to wear off. You can message me with more specific questions if you would like. I have been working as Charge at The Old Globe for 15 years and we do a summer Shakespeare Festival every summer.I have definitely learned a lot about outdoor scenery.


          Thank you for this helpful (and encouraging) information. I will definitely contact you. Again, my appreciation!


          If you find a dancing school that would donate their old marley flooring this works well for cushioning and safety.

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