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      Hello, scenics,

      I am interested in hearing from anybody who has experience using opera netting as the basis of a drop, rather than as a support to a cut drop.

      I have been presented with a design that specs a piece of netting about 30′ wide and 18′ tall with several 1-ply, irregularly-shaped and different lengths of horizontal strips of gauze attached (how, TBD).

      As designed, there is no allowance for any anchor of any kind to keep/stretch the net square once installed, keeping it in one plane and not gathered where the weightier areas are.

      My thoughts so far are that a scrim might better serve, either as a base to attach the gauze or even to paint the shapes on, but regardless would still need to be stretched.

      Detailed stories of success or failure appreciated!



       Mary Novodvorsky
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        Hi Claire!!!

        I have done that but we ALWAYS stretch ours on a frame.  Otherwise it will catch on everything hanging within 1 – 2 feet on either side upstage or downstage (especially lighting instruments).  And air currents might screw you up further.


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          Mary, I would love to see a photo of that piece in action!

          We have moved on from that idea, praise everything, but are now onto huge swaths of buckram.  Please see next post.

          Hope you are well and thriving!


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