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      Hi All,

      Our theater has officially closed our building for at least the next week and instituted a work from home policy- I’m guessing this is happening for a lot of us. I’m trying to come up with things my assistant can work on remotely… I’ve got a couple organization/ research projects but given that we’re not sure how long this’ll last I’m not sure how far we can stretch those.

      Soooo… other production departments have found quite a few resources for online training, but what I’ve seen so far seems to be geared toward audio/ lighting/ projections, etc. Is there anything similar out there for scenics? Not having access to materials and space is certainly a hurdle.

      So far I’ve heard that Vectorworks is waving their fee for the Spotlight Essentials seminar, and I think OSHA may have some discounts. But beyond that, anyone got any ideas or leads? Those of you who are also working from home, how are you handling this with your staff?


      Hope everyone is safe and well-


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        So i have also been put on WFH, we have worked out to find free online courses that interest you. There are a lot of these kind of companies out there. I say find one on how to draw or color theory. Or they can do character study of house hold items (if they have supplies at home)

        On top of all this, it might be a really great opportunity for everyone to update their resumes, job descriptions, and update any safety manuals/ training. I am also looking into training in Photoshop and other image editors. Heck try getting on the YouTube, there are tons of free how to videos and tutorials on there. They can also sign up for Library access online and read a color theory book or dive into Art History!

        Hope this helps and is a jumping off point for everyone looking to make Scenic jobs fit into work from home constraints.


         Alyiece Moretto-Watkins
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          Youtube has been a saver for sure, but I have also started to drive even deeper into all of Adobes’ FREE apps for iPad/Tablets, like Photoshop Sketch, and Capture, so I can provide my students with assignments for mimicking paint techniques with digital brushes, faux texture creation, pattern making, and paint elevation building.

          I’ll let you know how it goes;)



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            Look for online tutorials on perspective?  That aspect of art applies across all disciplines, and really can anyone ever practice enough? I find there are more digital  tools all the time that can be applied to what we do.

            I have been given a iPad and pencil. How to alter an image on the iPad and then project it for layout, and actually get it to work, and be proficient enough at it to teach it to students on the fly.  Just keeping up with file formats make me dizzy.

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