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     Angelique Powers
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    Writing is on the walls that in the next week or so, my University will be asking us to move our classes online due to Covid 19. Easy for math, harder for a hands on class.

    Any ideas on what to do?  Besides a long list of YouTube videos?

    Would any of you be willing to do a online QnA meet up with my class?



     Tina Yager
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    Hi Q-

    I’ve been thinking about this and I wonder if you could take advantage of some lessons on color matching communication. Maybe you could assign them all the same rendering out of Lance’s book and then have them do various color matching exercises.

    -does everyone see the same top 10 Pantone (or other paint book) colors?

    -what scenic paint would they order to paint this backdrop?

    I think you could do a lot of discussion by distance. Why do people see such different palettes? Is it just the computer screen or is it personal preference? What language tools do they need to support their choices?

    On your end, is it possible to request reimbursement for mailing a small package to your students so that everyone gets a Sherwin Williams (I assume Pantone is out of budget) color deck and a Q made Rosco color chart?



     Erin Auble
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    Occasionally I assign an essay or a discussion topic where students compare theatrical painting vs. what you would see in a museum setting. I have them explore the similarities and the differences of: style, techniques, tools used, paint and surfaces, audience, etc.

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    One activity I like to do in class, but works well out of class is have them download and play Blendoku.  It is a sodoku game only with tints, shades and color theory!

     Angelique Powers
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    Ok so one week done- 6 more to go! I was lucky enough to be able to make some take home kits for my students and – as luck would have it we had just gotten to the “color mixing” section of my class so that was an easy assignment to get started with.
    I’m still figuring out the nuts and bolts of Zoom, but I do have a small hack to share that I saw online.
    I use my iPad and a personal email to join my video chat. — with both speakers and microphone turned off on the ipad(for feedback issues) I then have it set on a tripod and focused on the project at hand.

    This gives me the ability to look at my class on my computer screen and then they can “pin” my other video feed to actually see what I am demonstrating in real time.
    Teaching via video
    next time I might try to just record my iPad and see if I can get any useful video content out of it for future use.

    Have y’all found or created any cool tricks for teaching via Video?

    Stay safe out there!



     Alyiece Moretto-Watkins
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    I used the following for another post, but I think it could be something to explore, I myself am EXPLORING RIGHT NOW 🙂

    “I have also started to drive even deeper into all of Adobes’ FREE apps for iPad/Tablets, like Photoshop Sketch and Capture, so I can provide my students with assignments for mimicking paint techniques with digital brushes, faux texture creation, pattern making, and paint elevation building.”

    I have also been trying to figure out the best way to do demos digitally for my students since they will now be trying to recreate faux textures, such as Marble and Stencil/Stamps, digitally with these apps, and I have been playing around with two things…

    1) Using Screen Recording function on my iPad to film brush explorations in Adobe Photoshop Sketch, problem I ran into though was not audio. I then decided to bring the recording into the “Clips” app on my iPad to record myself talking through each part of the video.

    2) Adobe Photoshop Sketch has a “Time-lapse” feature, it essentially records your entire process in creating the digital piece. At the end of the digital brush demo video I added a time lapse clip of myself creating a quick digital Marble Sample.

    At this point, I am trying a little bit of everything:)




     Angelique Powers
    • Experience: 20+ years
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    If you are looking to present digital media demos for your students, and have a camera on your face at the same time I suggest a program called ” Screen – O – Matic”       My son’s math teacher has been using it for a while —- He creates videos of him talking to his computer – with that image showing up as a thumbnail in the corner of what he’s doing on his screen/desktop.

    Those videos can then be loaded into a shared google drive for your students, youtube etc.




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