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      I got a sneak peak at one of my summer shows today – 3 scrims painted with clouds!! One will be USC like a traditional full stage backdrop. The other two will be larger sized legs off to either side and DS a bit.

      Our designer is requesting that the DS scrims (to be stretched on Hollywood style flats) be attached with the scrim thread pattern going at 45degree angle, instead of the traditional horizontal way.

      We are inclined to do this for her, as she has done it in the past and likes it. But I admit it seems a bit weird to me.

      Has anyone else done multiple scrims on stage and rotated the weave pattern before? Does it really make a difference?

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        I have never thought of or heard of stretching the scrim at an angle.

        I am thinking that the ability for the scrim to go opaque when front lit would possibly be compromised unless the lighting is hitting it at the same angle as what that prominent part of the weave is stretched at?

        Otherwise would it really look much different in general than stretched horizontally and vertically. Hmmm

        Will be interested in hearing and seeing how it all turns out!!!


          It is totally a thing! The angle helps the layered scrims avoid having the moiré effect! Which is like an optical illusion.


          Rachel is right. Scrim in front of scrim creates a moire’ effect. The scrim weave on an angle would defeat that effect, although it would be expensive with lots of waste I should think.

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