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    Hi All,

    I’m in the planning stages for an opera with mud being flung and smeared on the walls and floor each performance. The designer saw a similar trick done with MM Dead Flat and WD40 on the walls. He also suggested using wallpaper paste mixed with tempera paint for the “Mud.” I’m going to sample my heart out over the next week, but I wanted to see if anyone else has done this and has suggestions/cautions.

    The floor is going to be painted, textured CARPET (why?!?) so I’m not sure how removing the mud is going to work there…


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      What a fun challenge!

      We use kaolin EPK clay mixed with glue for dirt / mud that needs to stay put. It is is used for throwing pots in ceramics, I wonder if you just mix the clay powder with just plain water would work? Then you aren’t dealing with any binder of any kind. You could get as much off the carpet after the show then maybe vacuum the rest the next day.

      We used this clay with glue and water on carpet for our recent production of ‘Fences’

      Good luck and have fun!



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