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     Scott Gerwitz
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      I just found out the show I am painting has a motorcycle in the show. I do not know if it will be running or not…but regardless, black tires!

      I sealed the floor with Ben Moore Stays Clear. I am sure that will not hold up to the scuffs.

      I am debating using Bona Traffic or the like. I can not goto garage floor epoxy for the lack of ventilation in the space (the offices are connected backstage).

      I just thought maybe a high solids floor wax? I have done that for high gloss floors and it held up well.

      Anyone have thoughts if that might be a good avenue to pursue?



       Lili Lennox
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        I’m curious– is there anything you could do to the tires instead of recoating the stage floor?

        The surface area of the tires you’d need to cover is probably like 6 sqft total… cover the treads with some black gaff tape, or electrical tape? If it’s not moving around it seems like a lot less work than recoating an entire stagefloor.

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          Bona tends to gas off a strong smell as well.

          Just a quick thought in regards to lack of ventilation.

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