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    We’ve all encountered moldy paint at one point or another (and another and another), but what about a super nasty bucket of joint compound that’s been sitting and brewing for who knows how long? Asking for a friend (of course), but does anyone know of a good and safe way to dispose of something like this? Short of just hiding the bucket in a corner of the shop and trying to not look at it.


    Having just cleaned out a basement of scenic supplies that have been building up for 18+ years, I actually ran into this same problem quite a bit.

    My solution was to go to one of the Waste Management Companies around me, and they will get rid of anything for you, for a small fee per pound. (I just searched “drop off for hazardous waste, and my city.) Some places do an “Amnesty Day” where you can drop off anything for a short time, and they will accept it with no fee, but just last year my city did away with that lovely concept in favor of a new “you should make your own cleaners, and be sure to use all of your paint” education campaign. (Which is super unhelpful to people in our position). But even with the fee it was worth it. They took old Joint Compound, Jaxsan, stains, oil based paints, the works. And the fee was around 20$ per 10 lb (I believe) at my place, so if you only have one thing, it’s relatively cheap.

    Hope this helps a bit!


    Thanks! When I worked at a commercial shop we did something along this line to get rid of a mass amount of old paint, but I had little to do with it aside from consolidating into larger containers. My theatre is starting to really crack down on safety issues, so the fee should be worth it. Will have to look into what we have available in our area.

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