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    Hey Friends!

    Sooo… our theater is looking to remount the show we were in tech for when everything shut down. We struck the set and it’s currently living in our scene shop.

    The set had scrim walls, which we ended up tossing (time crunch, efficiency, hindsight is 20/20, etc.). The designer just wanted the scrim to be solid magenta so we purchased black scrim and I sprayed it with the HVLP. However, since then we’ve moved out of our paint shop and will be working in our smaller theater space so I’m trying to avoid spraying again.

    Do I suck it up and just use a brush/ roller? It’s only about 300 square feet but that seems tedious… Could we buy natural scrim and use a dye process? Other ideas?

    Hope ya’ll are holding up OK and staying safe,



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    Hi there!

    We had a solid turquoise scrim once and we sprayed with a hudson and broomed as if we were sizing it. With a heavy enough coat there were no real overlap problems between our passes.

    Hope that helps! In a pinch, RoseBrand would probably be able to dye a scrim. Not sure on that, but they custom dye other fabrics.

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    Ah yes- the good ol’ spray and broom!!! Thank you so much!

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