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    I’m Tiff, scenic charge at APT and I’m looking to get in touch with any of the scenics from the Old Globe in San Diego. It’s my understanding they have a lot of dew that develops on the scenery decks and an interesting way of dealing with slippage. Please PM me if you know how I can reach the scenics at the Old Globe. I checked out the theatre’s website but they didn’t have any direct contact information.

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    Hi Tiff, Carole is the charge at the Old Globe, she can be reached at

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    Thank you!


    Hey Tiff,

    My name is John, I am brand new to this forum, like, just ten minutes ago new. I have some contacts at the Old Globe in S.D. I know you posted this some time ago however if you are still looking I may be able to help. If you still need the info let me know, I would be happy to reach out to them to see if they can help.


    John Bloom – Username BigPrint50

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    Thank you for reaching out to me. I was able to speak to the people I needed to speak to back in May, but thank you for being so kind to see if I still needed the contact.



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