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    Hello All!

    I wasn’t sure of the best place to put this question, so hopefully this is good!

    A bit of background:

    I have been working at one theater full time for about 7 years now, and I am the first official Scenic Charge they’ve had (in the past, the designer and props curator would do everything themselves as we were much smaller). The style that we create is very different than most scenic work, and because he had to do much of the scenic treatment himself for so long, the techniques are often whatever my designer knew how to do, with a bit of my adaptation (especially as I learned and had more experience).

    I’m leaving my position in a month, and although my replacement is familiar with our theater’s style, I’d like to leave a Look Book for them. I learned about Look Books when I started working in film a couple years ago, and it is such a useful tool. We often put shows on more than once, as well as reuse quite a bit of general techniques, so I thought a book of all the colors for each show that I have been present for, vendors, and techniques would be helpful.

    Do any of you have any good templates or layout tips for putting this together? I don’t have a ton of time to make it incredibly detailed, but I’d like it to look nice and professional. Also, anything that I should know about a good and polite way to leave a shop for the next scenic would be nice. They didn’t have a paint shop until renovations my second year, so everything in the shop is from me slowly growing into it, haha.


    Thank you very much for reading!


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