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      Hey everyone,

      My bulky, old, laptop has finally kicked the bucket and I’m trying to decide which device will serve me better on the job in the future. Do you bring your device to work daily for research, budgeting and communication with designers (if one has not been provided at your workplace)? Do you prefer a light-weight tablet or a more durable laptop? Or maybe split the difference with a 2-in-1 convertible device?

      I’d love to hearyou opinions, preferences, pros and cons!

       Lili Lennox
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        A couple months ago I purchased a Samsung Chromebook ($450?). It’s a super lightweight convertible laptop/tablet that runs an android operating system. It doesn’t have a harddrive (which is why it’s so light), so everything is run off of and saved to my google account. I really like the portability combined with having all of my files accessible from anywhere I happen to be. The only caveat is that the chromebook is only really useful when it’s connected to wifi… You won’t be doing much offline. But if that isn’t a problem, I highly recommend one. I’m exploring getting a stylus and being able to do digital drawings with it, which will be really useful for me.

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