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      I’m about to start a sky drop. It’s not super realistic and has a few cartoony edges. I was thinking of using kitty litter as a mask. Is there any wisdom or warnings that I should keep in mind before I start? Does clay based kitty litter cause problems? It’s actually the kind I bought. Is there a better kind? A better particulate altogether? Can I sweep it up or should I vacuum it.

      Thank you!!

       Angelique Powers
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        I used the clay based kitty litter once and I found it stuck more to my drop when it came to sweeping and vacuuming it up, especially if I went a little to heavy with my paint by accident. – but it wasn’t horrible.

        I then had a smaller drop the next time and went with the fancy “crystal” kitty litter – it was pricier but it didn’t stick at all. I still have it saved up in a 5 gallon bucket waiting to be re-used.

        Make sure to wear dust masks when sweeping it up at the end- and please share photos when you are done!!!

         Nicole Deibert
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          I use saw dust as a mask.

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            This may be too late, but I would recommend sifting the clay kitty litter before using it. Buy a wire screen type strainer and sift the litter over a bucket. You will be surprised at how much dust and dirt comes off that litter. This will help keep your drop clean and make clean up easier. I recommend vacuuming the litter up. This will help pick up all the litter and any dust. I hope this helps.

             Rachael Claxton
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              Make sure you use non-clumping litter! I haven’t had any huge issues with the clay based litter, but I do always have to take a pretty stiff broom to the drop once I’ve finished with a step. In between steps I always make sure to shift the litter just a bit to get a more natural, broken up edge as well.

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