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     Ellen Jones
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      Who is all is doing the Keene Walldogs event? I am thinking about volunteering, but I want to be able to document the event for an article as well as paint.

      I am interested in whether or not anyone else is planning to attend – love to hear from the two project managers from GSA as well.


       Lili Lennox
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        Hello Ellen,

        It’s great to hear of your interest with Walldogs! This will be my third Walldog event, and I can’t speak highly enough of the organization and the festival they put on.

        I’ll be co-leading one of the 15 murals with my friend and Guild treasurer Scott Gerwitz; our mural’s subject matter is the Ashuelot River. We are responsible for designing the mural, managing the volunteers that want to paint on our mural, and ultimately getting it done. Here’s what we’ll be painting:

        [attachment=0]AshuelotFINAL (1).png[/attachment]

        Some 200-300 artists will be volunteering their time over 4 days, most from a sign painting background (sprinkled with muralists, pinstripers, airbrushers, and the occasional Scenic). What I particularly love about this event is that it’s a chance to paint alongside people with similar but different skills– these painters come from literally all over the world (there are regular attendees from Amsterdam, New Zealand, Scotland, etc), they all tell great stories, and they’re so happy to meet you.

        How the event itself works:

        Free housing is offered in the form of homestays, hotels and campgrounds are available in town as well. Breakfast, lunch, and dinners are provided for the artists- everyone eats together at a central location (usually a church basement). Meanwhile, the town has scheduled events over the 4 days– concerts in the park, maybe a parade, this particular event has an “alley art market” planned. It’s a deal. The town is REALLY excited for you to be there.

        The painting is a free-for-all. You walk up to any wall and ask where to jump in. They provide all the paint, there are brushes available (though I’d bring your own!), and then you just get to working. Or, maybe you just paint a little bit here and there and instead drink some beer and chat with whoever else happens to be standing nearby. It’s loose, and everyone knows they’re there to leave the town better looking than when they arrived.

        I can’t speak enough to the spirit of the event. Everyone’s heart is in the right place, there is such a spirit of camaraderie, and you get to paint something pretty in a total no-pressure environment.

        Probably the greatest aspect is that you’ll leave with new friends and a reinvigorated sense that your community just got larger.

        Did you have any specific questions I can answer?

        Hope to see you there,


         Scott Gerwitz
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          I absolutely am in love with the Walldogs!

          Last year was my first year.

          It was an amazing collection of painters from all over the world, all with different backgrounds, political viewpoints and skills. And we all were there to paint pretty pictures. To add a flare of art to this small town.

          It really felt like I found my tribe. I work with many of the same folks in my town, which I do love, but this opened up my little world. To meet some many people with the same love of art was fantastic!

          I certainly hope you decide to come this year.

          And I am intrigued by your comment of documenting it.




          Hi Ellen,

          Last year at Streator was also my first Walldog event. As a retired carpenter, now a set builder/painter at a community theatre it was an amazing experience spending time with talented artists and becoming part of the Walldog family. The friendships made have continued through the year and have us looking forward to the reunion.

          It was so much more than slinging paint on a wall to bring the mural to life. During the event, community members came and watched or helped and told us personal stories and history about our mural subject. It was such a feeling of accomplishment to be a part of something that was so important to the history of the city.


           Scott Gerwitz
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            • Scenic Status: Full Time Regular

            Reminder- the 15th is the last day to register as an artist for the Keene Walldogs.

            Come join us paint some pretty murals!


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