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     Scott Gerwitz
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      Does anyone have a rough square footage coverage for jaxsan trowel grade?

      I am doing a simple cement skip trowel on a floor.

      1600 square feet to cover.

      I always mean to figure out the coverage before I start a project…but then completely forget. Haha

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       Scott Gerwitz
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        Has anyone used Tuff II from Menards for floor texturing? It is quite a bit cheaper than Jaxsan. Someone told me they saw someone mix it with elastomeric and then textured.

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          I haven’t used Tuff II, but I was just at the Public Theatre and they were using Ten Times for their floor surface as well as wall texture. They were troweling it on for stucco. It looked great. Ten Times is deck resurfacing paint that is ten times thicker than paint. It comes in a lot of colors. They have been very happy with the results for Shakespeare in the Park.


            I LOVE Tuff II. I have never been able to afford Jaxsan for the project I need it for and I have found Tuff II to be a great alternative. I have never used it on floors, but I totally would. I would suggest adding elastomeric to if it you need more flexibility in your texture, as Tuff II is closer to a concrete then a caulking texture when dry…..if that makes sense. I mixed Tuff II with either tints, to keep the texture and change color, or with paint to change color and “dilute” texture. I troweled it on to give a stone texture, and used chip brushed to get in to corners or add a stippling texture. So really that time I actually used Jaxsan is pretty similar before and after it was dry.

             Tina Yager
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              I’ve used a clean sample board to get an estimate in the past. Use a measuring cup and count how many scoops you use to get the desired effect.

              For example a 4’x4’ sample board with 8 cups of product would amount to:

              1/2 cup of product per sqft

              1 gallon is aprox 16 cups

              In this example your coverage is about 32 sqft per gallon.

              This is just to get you in the ballpark for budget purposes. Once you are actually doing the job it’ll become more clear if you over or under estimated. The larger the sample, the more accurate the number.

              One piece of advice, more product almost always looks better. If you aren’t the one applying the texture and you are on a tight budget, you will need to monitor the project closely.


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