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    Hello Scenics!

    I want to know how many of you have encountered issues with the deep pigment Off Broadway colors, like Ultramarine Blue, and the ability to seal them without discoloration or color leaching. And most importantly, how did you overcome this? I have worked on a show once before where we had a small deck of ultramarine and, try as we might, we could not stop this from happening. I’m now faced with painting 4,000 sqft in the same color and with a gloss finish. I have sampled with over 5 sealing products, including Rosco’s own line of sealer (premier clear) and I am still getting the same issues. My base coat is black, then 2 coats of ultramarine and then sealer. I have to keep the sealer to 3 coats max (for time constraints.) We can not spray any scenery or use oil based products due to poor ventilation so it must be rolled or a pad must be used for application. Any advice is welcome, and thanks in advance.


    Have you tried mixing a sealer into the blue before you paint it on? Might make it a little stronger


    I’d try a base coat of U. Blue and then a glaze using Stays Clear and the same U. Blue. Shouldn’t bleed and should give you greater depth. Best of luck!

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    When you say leaching, is the UB coming up under additional painting on top of that color, of is it leaching onto other items that touch the surface like costumes or shoes? You did not mention what the floor is skinned with- could that have any impact on the paint’s behavior?

    Through the years, I have always found that Ultramarine Blue and Prussian Blue will come up under other colors, on occasions, when I tried to paint over them on fabric or hardcover flats. I have never been able to detect a pattern in the circumstances when it happens and it is only in places not the entire area painted with the blue.

    I have not ever had the Ultramarine discolor under a sealer on a hard surface. I usually use Minwax Brand or Benjamin Moore water based polyurethane or SA Plastic Varnish as the sealer. I usually dilute it enough to spray three sealer coats with about an hour dry time between each one and an overnight cure before traffic on the floor in deal circumstances. ( However, ideal circumstances are few and far between.) If you are spraying water based in a pump up unit do you need special ventilation?

    I always put a fan on the floor during the dry time. Could the faster evaporation time due to fan and lower viscosity due to the H2O make a difference?

    Maybe adding some Flex Glue to the paint would help with stability problems? On the other hand I don’t know if you would want glue on a floor paint, I usually only add it for drops that will fold or roll for storage.


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