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    Crystal gel has never really dried without being super tacky Since I’ve I started working in Kentucky until this past few months where it’s been cold and dry as all get out. It was drying within an hour, but now that’s it’s jumped to 60 degrees and humid it’s taking at least 4 hours and it’s still tacky afterwards. I have the same drying issues with sculptor coat and spray paint. Does anyone have anything to combat against humidity or create a humid free box for smaller projects?

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      I too have had the tacky issues with Crystal Gel and often the only thing that helped was time (often don’t have)

      For spray paints that have remained tacky- you are right it’s all about how hot/cold/humid it was when you sprayed and if it’s on something that doesn’t want to get sprayed -(vinyl seating is a common one)

      My solution to this is often giving the piece a quick coating of clear sealer- either spray or a brush on. In the case of vinyl it usually wants to get aged anyway so my thin wash of raw umber and spatter usually does the trick.

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