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     Caitlin Colcannon
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    I am working on creating some giant props for a Candyland themed event and one of the things I’ve been asked to create is a giant cinnamon roll. It will be outside so it needs to be semi-weather proof. It also should be fairly easy to transport and have some way to possibly keep it from blowing away. If anyone has any suggestions or tips and tricks for an easy, affordable way to accomplish this it’d be much appreciated!

     Krystal Booth
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    Hi Caitlin,

    Some people have used spray foam over a cardboard form and then carved into the foam after it’s dry. I’m not sure if you will have it sitting on concrete or a dirt ground for anchoring, but if it’s a over dirt, you could use rebar or a dowel of some sort as a way to anchor the form.
    I hope you have already found your solution, but I felt compelled to write just in case this would help spark an idea in any way. Best of luck for your project!


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    Foam Rubber. You can get any thickness you want , our local Mattress place will custom cut. If you have to carve more, use an electric Carving knife, you can paint right on it. Don’t worry about putting a stiffening coat on it, it’s actually much more resilient if left flexible. Good luck!! Rachel

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