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    hello, my name is Hana and I am currently a Scenic Designer at the Barter Theatre out in Abingdon, Virginia. I used to be a Scenic Artist at Barter but moved into a design position after a couple of years. I am sure I will return to scenic art at some point as I enjoy painting as much as designing. I definitely still have lots to learn and am so glad there is this great resource available. Thanks for setting this up and sharing all of your knowledge!

      • Experience: 5-10 years
      • Scenic Status: Full Time Regular

      Hi all! I’m Sarah Abernathy, and I’m a recent graduate of Cobalt Studios. (man, it feels good to say that – we graduated 4 days ago as of this posting!) I’m originally from Texas, where I attended the University of North Texas and worked in their paint shop for 2 years, one year as a scenic artist and one as the charge. My TD recommended Cobalt to me when I told him I just wanted to paint and not design. It was an awesome program. Now I’m in Florida, ready to start painting for Asolo Repertory Theatre in Sarasota.


        Hi! I’m Liz, a Prop Carpenter/Artisan that snuck into this forum, but really us props folk occasionally have to paint things and this place is an exceptional resource for that. I’m the Assistant Props Master at Stages St. Louis (Season #4) and in the fall will be starting my second year as a Props MFA at Ohio University. I’m also the Studio Assistant at Q2Q Comics.

        I’m originally from the Seattle area but have been bouncing around the country chasing jobs and opportunities for the last seven or so years (I mostly work in STL and on the east coast now). I started the props life early on in high school and never looked back.

        Looking forward to learning from you all and helping fill out the wiki as best as I can!


        My name is Sarah Kramer. I was an art major before I got into painting sets during my undergrad at the University of Northern Iowa. I graduated in 2016, so I’m still early in my career and trying to break into the industry. I recently finished an internship at Midland Community Theatre in Midland, Texas. I’m currently living in the Denver area trying to find work in my favorite city.



          My name is Derek Green. I work as part of the Education staff at Cleveland Play House, though on the side I freelance at local theatres doing scenic and lighting design (which here frequently includes also building and painting those sets). Glad to have this phenomenal resource to turn to and keep learning!


          Hello! My name is Sara Flis. I am the Scenic Artist and Prop Master at California State University, San Bernardino. I have been working here for 12 years and I LOVE it!! I am so looking forward to learning from, and sharing information with all of you!!



          I’m Michelle Bisbee. I am the Assistant Professor of Scenic Design at University of Hawaii at Manoa. I teach Scenic Design, Scenic Painting, Props and Crafts, as well as other design related courses. I’ve worked as a Scenic Artist various places like Utah Shakespearean Festival, Arizona Theatre Company, various Universities, Paints and Props for Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas, as well as some side jobs like conservation and restoration at the Henry Ford Museum.

          Looking forward to connecting with others and sharing info, tips, and tricks! Also hoping to get more involved with the Guild.




          Hi there!!

          I am a student at the University of South Florida and up until last year, I didn’t know there was such a position as a “Scenic Artist.” I am currently doing a scenic painting internship at the Hangar Theatre in Ithaca, New York. I will be graduating from USF in December of this year with a BA in Theatre Arts with Design Concentration. I am overwhelmed by the amount of knowledge I lack in the scenic art world but I look forward to learning as much as I can! In a perfect world I would be designing and painting haunted attractions every day of the year, but sadly I live in reality!

          I have a wide variety of artistic disciplines which you can find on my very rough website.

          Thank you for letting me be a part of this community and I look forward to reading everything!!

          -Samantha Ehrnman


          Hi folks! I’m Steve Shelley. I’m not a scenic artist, but I’m constantly amazed by your collective knowledge and artistic skills. I’m a freelance lighting designer and production manager in the New York City area, the author of “A Practical Guide to Stage Lighting, 3rd ed.”, and the designer and president of Field Templates [the little green stencils with lighting instrument cutouts on a silk-screened grid]. I joined the previous list years ago, and try to help out when the conversation includes topics about translucencies, lighting and scenic art, worklight in the shop or onstage, or interacting with technical management. Thanks for letting me be a part of this community; I look forward to seeing all of your work and helping out when i can.

          All the best, Steve


          Hello everyone, I am Barb Lassiter I really don’t remember a time when there wasn’t a paint brush in my hand. I have been painting since I was a kid on any surface that was still long enough to transfer paint to. My first paying gig was a mural in High school and I was a very active part of any and all school paint projects I could get my hands on. So if we go from paid I am getting close to 20years, there is a lot of non-scenic painting in that 20 years. In Theatre I started in Scenic art and decoration then quickly added Props, Scenic design and technical direction followed later. I currently am the Technical Director/Scenic designer/production manager…, for University of Providence, a small private University, in Montana. Lets be honest the best parts of my job are, I can paint to my hearts content with the students and control the paint/prop budget.

          I also have a unhealthy love of all types of foam, scenic dope, texturing compounds/pastes, and floor painting.

          I am glad I found you all this will be fun,

          Barb Lassiter



          My name is Nadia. I am one of the scenic artists at Laredo College in Texas. I have been working here for 6+ years. Most of the stuff I know has been through experimenting, books, YouTube or art basics. The only professional training was at Cobalt studios for a week in 2018 (amazing). I hope that I could contribute to the Guild of Scenic Artist community in the future.

          Thank you


            • Experience: 5-10 years
            • Scenic Status: Full Time Regular

            Just wanted to say WELCOME to all the new forum members that have introduced themselves. Don’t be shy. We want to hear from all of you. It’s great to have everyone on board.


            Hey all!

            I’m Rae, and I’m a bit of a weird one.

            Everyone thought for sure I’d go into a Technical Theater program in college, but I actually went in the opposite direction and got a degree in Neuro-psychology, Creative Writing, and Fine Arts.

            It wasn’t until after graduating that an old high school friend reached out to me to stage manage for a small, one woman show, and I was smitten with it again.

            From there I networked and did every little freelance job I could get my hands on while trying to figure out where I wanted to land.

            Finally, I was lucky enough to end up as the only Scenic Artist at the Ensemble Theatre of Cincinnati, under their amazing resident Set Designer, who took it upon himself to train me with what he knew. Now I’m their Charge, and although I’ve realized that the skills he’s taught me are very different than the industry standard and I’m still learning everyday, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else, or doing anything else!

            I’m already learning so much from you all, and I am so excited that I’ve found this group!

            Favorite things are old, well-lived in realistic houses, chipped paint, stain work, color matching, and painting stone.


            Rae Kuhn


            Hi everyone,

            My name is Kim Wilkins and I’m a scenic artist new to the field. I’ve always known I wanted to do something in art


              Hey, Scenics!

              My name is Rebekah and I’ve been painting for professional theaters for over 15 years. I’m currently living in Tampa, FL but have worked for USA829 in NYC, painted murals in Chicago, Washington DC and St. Petersburg FL. While I studied art at The School of The Art Institute of Chicago, I fell into being a scenic while I was performing on stage doing community theatre with friends. I was lucky to land a job as resident scenic for American Stage Theatre Company in St. Petersburg about 10 years ago and the rest is history.

              I currently work freelance with several theaters locally, I work doing repairs for a backdrop rental facility (TheatreWorld Backdrops), a woman owned art company called TaDa! (Traditional and Digital Arts) as well as doing murals and commissions on my own. I’m very fortunate to be a working artist full time and so happy to be part of this growing group.

              Nice to meet you all~


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