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      We rented the tour set of Anything Goes and our smokestacks are wrinkled BAD…we do not have the capacity to stretch it sideways, and I was under the assumption that when back painted, steaming the back won’t help….am I right or wrong? Is there some sort of solution that could help????



      Hi, luckily I’m pretty sure you’re wrong. You can steam it out. I’ve also done a warm water spray on the back, which has worked


      Is there pipe sleeve and pipe in the bottom? A hudson with warm water and Alum (found in the spice isle, 1 tblsp per gallon) could help – though usually is best on exposed fibers


      Just don’t use Alum on dyed drops!


        What happens if you put Alum on dyed drop? I didn’t know this, and thankfully haven’t yet figured it out the hard way!


        I have not experienced it first hand (wasn’t going to risk it), but have been told (and also read) that it absorbs and holds moisture for extended periods of time – this can cause fuzzy/blurry edges and/or pull dye from one area to another if it is folded for storage or travel


        Not hydrated potassium aluminium sulfate… Alum root.

        I must say I’ve never encountered a dye drop which was wrinkled or baggy. If it were I’d look to a bad square on the drop and opt for stretchers on the sides and a good pipe/batten on the bottom. In any case it’s another reason to make sure you’ve done a good starch job on the drop prior to dye.

        JMO- always test first (obviously)

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