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      How did it work?

      I like the product for many applications, but I am concerned that all subsequent floor treatments may not stick without a great deal of preparation forever after. It seems to me that there must be other sealers/products to use to get a truly matte finish. Or even no clear coat and we just touch up the floor.

      Certainly we will do a sample to see how it all works and how well paint sticks over the polycrylic, but any experience or information would be helpful in deciding wether to move forward with this product.

      Thank you!

       Ellen Jones
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        I have used it many times. I usually planned to do a good primer coat over it for the next show.


         Jillie Eves
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          <p style=”text-align: left;”>I agree with Ellen. Gloss is the only sheen I worry about adhesion. I tend to use an outdoor latex as a primer over the sealed floor for the next project. We mostly work on MDF floors for context.</p>
          Whether or not it needs to be sealed depends on the action on stage and what other paints you use other than latex. If a costume comes in contact with the floor definitely seal.

          Wether or not to use a different product depends on budget, the stores near you or wether you can order online.

           Jeffrey Cook
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            I find that the minwax tends to soften over time with repeated moppings, can turn whitish and then takes time to stabilize. I prefer the Rosco Premier Clear for floors, which is tougher but not as flat as I’d like. Modern Masters makes a Dead Flat that is great but expensive.

             Lili Lennox
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              For another matte sealing option, Nova Color Acrylics makes a matte medium and a matte varnish that are about $30/gallon ($140 for 5 gals). I have had no problem painting over the finish. I would expect that these products don’t quite have the same hardness and wearability as more expensive floor products, but it’s flatness is on par with Dead Flat at a more affordable price point.

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