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     Jamie Clausius
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      Hello Everyone!

      I have the (possible) opportunity to paint a mural on a gymnasium wall (yay work!) and I am looking for suggestions on what paint you all think would be the best to adhere to the wall? Here are some parameters:

      1) The wall is a primed cinder block wall. I currently do not know what it was primed with, I am currently seeking that information.

      2) The paint must be durable as basketballs/athletic balls will be bounced against the wall.

      3) I am mostly sticking with just a few colors, probably black, white, gray and maybe a red.

      4) There isn’t much room for ‘testing’ so I’m jumping in a bit blind.

      My instinct is to pick an exterior grade, flexible. high pigment paint such as Benjamin Moore Aura exterior paints, but I would love some feedback on what all you intelligent people think! I have also used Ben Moore Aura paints before and feel comfortable with how the color and material acts. Thanks in advance for the help!


      Cheers to all!

      Jamie Clausius

       Bill Reynolds
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        Sounds like a great opportunity.  Best wishes on getting the work. You might get some of the best advise directly from the manufacturer, or a local representative.  I’m thinking you might need an epoxy-type paint for durability.

        Good luck and stay safe and healthy,


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