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    Hey all!

    I’m beginning work on a show where the main set feature is a large concrete wall, complete with razor wire topper, meant to evoke the Berlin wall. On it, I will be doing 80s era graffiti in subtle shades of gray and tan, as a background for a large main graffiti-ed message across the middle. My designer/mentor hasn’t decided how much graffiti he wants, or if he wants only words, or a mix of words and images; he just wants me to practice a bunch and he’ll decide what he likes.

    That all being said, I am a graffiti novice! I’m planning on buying some Montana spray paints and a mixed bag of tips to play around with, but I also wanted to put my feelers out here for any tips/cautions!

    Thanks! x

     Rachael Claxton
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      I loved a good graffitied design. I’ve had great experience with Montana paint markers. They come in ton of different colors and tips, and they even sell empty ones that you can fill with your own paint! They stick to almost anything and the color is incredibly vibrant. Maybe because of the way my shop is set up, but I tend not to use actual spray paint for most of the graffiti I do. Never underestimate a good stencil or pounce and a brush! Prevals are great for graffiti as well. I’ll add a bunch of drips like might happen with a real tagged wall by forcing the paint around with a blow dryer on cool or just tilting the piece up if you’ve got that luxury.

      Good luck!

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        I’d really like to see photos of the work you all have done.

        We have had a few requests in the past to do graffiti art but hired pros to do it for us. I’d like to give it a try so any novice advice is greatly appreciated.

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