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      Hi, I am going to paint several walls in the lobby of a theatre. Because of space/time restraints, I am wondering if I can paint them in the shop, like a drop, and then glue and trim them to the wall surfaces (sheet rock).

      3 walls are 12’w x 9’h, ad another wall is 18′ wide x 6′ high.

      Does anyone have experience with something like this who can offer me some help on what glue, potential problems?

      Thank you so much.


      Cliff Simon

       Lili Lennox
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        I’ve *watched* wallpaperers install large painted canvas murals… so at least I know it can be done. They primed the wall before installing and used buckets of standard wallpaper paste for the glue. Working in sections, they pre-rolled the glue on the wall, and also to the back of the mural… and worked in tandem unrolling the mural, gluing the wall, gluing the mural, and then placing and smoothing… unroll some more, glue, place, and so on.

        I believe I was instructed at the time that it’s helpful to prime the back of the mural so that the glue doesn’t absorb through to the front.

        I realize you posted this a few weeks ago– have you installed already?


          Lili, Thanks so much for your response. Actually, the project fell through (which is just as well). But this information is really useful for the future and again, thanks for your clear information.


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