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      For the small theaters I work at, I usually just use Polycrylic or Varathane from Home Depot to seal my floors. But I need to touch up a national touring show ‘s floor, and I’m not sure if I should be using something more durable. Since I’m not experienced with other brands, I’m nervous about the sheen level and, well , many other things!! Thank you for any leads you can offer.

      I’d like a water based, one part, one coat.

      I’m being told they don’t have a paint kit and aren’t sure what it was was sealed with before. I’m going in for a meeting and then probably working on it the next day, So I’m not being given time to order material. So it will probably have to be a box store project.

      we have Sherwin Williams, Home depot, Lowes, PPG, and limited Benjamin Moore in our area. I’d appreciate any industrial suggestions that would be appropriate.

       Nathalie Schlosser
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        My favorite floor sealer is Loba Easy Finish.  It’s one part, super easy to use, and very durable.  I would look into your local flooring suppliers for what they have available.  I can usually get this brand or Bona (which also has some one-part floor finishes that could work as well) very readily at my local flooring place.

         Jeffrey Cook
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          The sheen and also the surface quality are important to note at your meeting with the company. Is there dancing, physical action, etc? What kind of shoes are worn? Is there a designer to contact? The Varathane Floor Sealer product is good but I found it slippery and it needed to be mopped with SlipNoMore or similar. Benjamin Moore “Stays Clear” is very commonly used on Seattle stages and comes in a range of sheens.  Safety Satin is an industrial floor sealer used in public spaces that goes on like water but is very sturdy, available at janitorial supply. I prefer the Rosco floor sealers but probably not an option for you at this point. Expect to pay about $60 a gallon for something good.


          Benjamin Moore Stays Clear is discontinued !!! What is the next best thing?



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