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    I am painting The Lady From The Sea.

    The bottom 8′ of the raked deck becomes a pool in Act 3.  The TD is going to line the deck with pool liner and then cover that with a liner cover material called Rock On a Roll. It is a waterproof textured/painted liner used for homemade streams and ponds. It has a nice texture and paint treatment.

    The designer wants to have the deck covered with sand. I have done this before with dirt, gluing the dirt with a trowelled clear glue called Super 88, but it is not strong enough to be submersed in water.

    I do not think just piling the sand on the deck would work, it would never dry for two-show days.

    I have a sample drying with Jaxsan that will test tomorrow. I know an epoxy material would work, Polygem has a few options. But the SDS states if not enough ventilation supplied air is required, so I am not in favor of that option.

    Has anyone done anything similar?

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