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    Having a hard time finding a sealer that does well over Raw Wood Flamex. Getting a ton of clouding. —tried premier clear, plastic varnish, ben moore stays clear, and bona- Bona has done the best, but am looking to see if anyone has had similar issues and has a product that they like.

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      We use the Flamex PA in our shop almost exclusively. It mixes well into almost any water based polyurethane. I haven’t tried mixing it directly into Bona.

      The only issues I’ve run into with this is that if I mix it into a gallon of ACE poly and let it sit, the gallon will develop chunks over time and eventually solidify.

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        The flamex does not have to be in the top coat either. I have often put flamex in my base coat and then sealed over it. I haven’t had any issues with it not passing a flame test. Test out a couple of scenarios.


          Yep, I’m used to doing Flamex PA in the base coat on hard scenery and on some drops. Any opaque coat I do on top gets PA in it too, but I never put it in sealer.

          I had a sealer (I think it was Ben Moore Stays Clear) sort of curdle and go all cottage cheesy when I added Flamex PA to it, so now I avoid putting PA in sealer.

          Evan, what’s your go-to water based poly?

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            My go to has been ACE poly. It is fairly cheap, easy to get in large quantities (for me), and I’ve used it enough for glazing and sealing techniques that I’m familiar with how it works.

            That said, it doesn’t come in a matte sheen and so I’ve been using the Premier Clear lately. The ACE poly can get shocked from the Flamex PA so it can’t be added to quickly and it will solidify if left to sit for too long.

            The Premier Clear has been good to work with but again, it seems to get shocked and chunky if you add the Flamex too quickly. It also dries VERY quickly.

            For good honest floor sealing, I never look past Bona Traffic. Haven’t tested it with the Flamex though.


              I’d never considered the idea of “shocking” the sealer with a big dose of FR, like you described. Are you saying you basically have to slowly mix it in, like tempering an egg in custard?

              I am fascinated by the chemistry of this, and wish we had a scenic/chemist to explain this to me more fully!

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                Exactly. The mixture is only 8 oz. of FlameX per gallon but for some reason, it seems to stun the poly. I usually just slowly pour it in as I’m stirring. I’ve noticed it is worse when I’m mixing up large quantities for bigger jobs. It isn’t unusual for us to mix up 4 gallons at a time and the large amount of Flamex can be problematic.

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