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    I’m in the market for a fitness tracker, but as a scenic, I know I’m going to need something waterproof, not just “splash resistant”. I’ve completely destroyed a Fitbit Charge by using it at work. I knew it wasn’t waterproof, but like most people, most of my activity happens while I’m on the job, so I decided to just use it until it died instead of letting it collect dust. Do any of you use fitness trackers in the shop? What brands/models hold up best in our work environment?

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      I have ruined so many watches and replaced so many bands over the years. They never get fully wet but are always drenched with water and stained with paint. I seemed to have solved this by wearing a sweat band over the watch (the ones tennis players wear – the big wide ones). My apple watch is still pristine after 6 months – the sweat band soak up the water (and sweat when it is hot). If I happen to get paint on it, the silicone band just wipes clean without staining and the sweatband still allows the watch to track of my activity.


      I quite wearing watches, bracelets and rings at work many years ago. Not only do they get ruined but they are dangerous in a shop setting. You might consider an inexpensive pedometer, which clips to the waistband or pocket edge of your pants.

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        I second the sweatband. Also offers a level of padding when you smack your arm against a ladder or something.

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          I have used my fit-bit Alta for 4 years in the shop. The band started to fall off within a few months but I super-glued it back together and that would last up to 6 months before I had to re-glue it. But last month after 4 long years I damaged that band once again and ended up losing it somewhere before I had the chance to glue it back on. But I found that the Alta could put up with a lot of damage and still be fine. Never had a problem charging after it was in water or covered in paint. Highly recommend getting one without a heart rate tracker for work because the heart rate tracker makes it easier to damage.

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            I’ve had a Garmin Vivosmart 3 for a few years now and I love it. It’s totally waterproof and the whole band and device is encased in something like rubber so it’s scrubbable and won’t crack if I hit it against something in the shop. It tracks steps, activities, heart rate, flights of stairs (hilarious when I’m going up and down a ladder all day), calories, and miles walked. It also links to my phone so I can see the weather, stop or start music, check texts and notifications, and answer calls without getting paint all over my cell. The battery life is pretty good (a few days), and it charges up very quickly, plus it’s got a slim design and a low profile. I think Garmin has upgraded to selling the new version now, but it’s still the same thing, just smaller and sleeker I thin. All in all, I love it and highly recommend!

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              I’ve used Garmin for YEARs and they have stood up to all shop and sports abuse.  No need to purchase the really high-end products.  Their basic units are work horses and solid.  I do put a screen protector on the face, and typically replace that once a year.  It’s possible they would be fine without the protector…but Id rather not find out.

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