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    Hello Artists!

    We are currently working on an in-depth article for our Scenic Route about Primers: what makes them work, ingredients to look for and etc.

    Would you mind telling us what some of your favorite “goto” specialty primer products you use are? Looking for brands that work well for metal,  plastics and that one weird product you were asked to prime once.

    Bonus points if you have a photo to share!

    Thanks and Happy Painting!



     Rachael Claxton
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    Sherwin Williams’ Extreme Bonding Primer is great. We use it for fiberglass, sintra, and a bunch of other weird substrates. Just want to make sure the surface is scuffed with a brillo pad and then clean it with a tack cloth.  SW KemAqua is a great metal primer too. Both products come from their architectural and industrial lines.

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    Ethafoam Rod and PVC plumbing pipe are always challenging surfaces.  We have used water based contact cement pretty successfully as a foundation/ primer coat.  Following the contact cement, we use a standard primer and then scene paint.  The ethafoam rod can take some bumps without paint chipping away.  Have any you used this?  Have you had success with other primers?


     Mary Novodvorsky
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    Aqua Cron Gray WB Acrylic Primer- Sold where you buy Breakthrough.  It used to be called 1000 Hour Primer until PPG bought them.  I first tried this on a circular staircase for Pippi Longstocking.  When her army boots didn’t pull up the paint I was sold on it and have used it ever since for metal.  Somewhat toxic though, use PPE.

    Insl-X Stix- Sticks to aluminum and plastics


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