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    I am in need of building fake newspaper stacks. Sort of like they have in Newsies. No one has to stand on them just sit on them. I don’t have $300 to buy a large block of foam. I only have 1/2″ insulation foam from the hardware store. I need suggestions on how to bulk it up but not add weight. ???


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      Could you build a wooden cube and just cover the sides in foam? Then you don’t need as much to make a “stack”, just carve to look that way.

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        I would cut the foam into squares the size of newspapers, then round off one edge so it looks like a fold. around the other 3 edges, apply some joint compound or similar goop, then drag a wire brush through it to give the impression of pages. then stack a few up and glue them together. you may want to stack/glue them and coat the entire stack with something protective before doing the joint compound trick.

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