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    Hey everyone! My designer wants to use bleached muslin for a dye painted translucency so that the unpainted white areas are very white, but I’m remembering that it doesn’t behave the same way as regular unbleached. Is it because of the FR on it or is it because the fabric has been processed with the bleach? We are considering bleaching NFR muslin ourselves since Rosebrand only has FR. Is there anywhere where we can get a drop sewn that has NFR bleached muslin? Thanks!

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      I regret I don’t know a source for NFR bleached muslin; but I have put Rosco Iddings Deep Colors (casein) white into the size (a pound or pint of paint per pound of starch) to reduce the warmth of the raw muslin color. The finely ground pigment does reduce the translucency a tiny tiny bit, but that has always been a reasonable compromise so far. Your results may vary…Good luck!


      The difficulty with bleached muslin is that it loses its ability to shrink when it is bleached which will make it hard to hang later on. You might be better to use unbleached muslin and then use a solution of bleach and water to crate the white highlights.


      Thanks! I think I’ve managed to explain that without white paint next to those areas they will look bright white enough to not have to use bleached muslin, but I’ll let you know if that changes 🙂

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