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     Mary Novodvorsky
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      For those interested, I will be emailing Scott some source book info to add to the book list.

      I have an answer to the Woolite question. I wasn’t sure on Wednesday that I was remembering the answer correctly and now I have double checked the info.  Woolite is better for silks and woolens because it is not a detergent.  It is a laundry soap with additives.  Detergents are usually alkali in ph and have enzymes to help with lifting off stains (not a good thing for protein fibers).  Woolite is acidic to neutral in ph.  You should not use Woolite to clean your fabric before dyeing however, because it will leave coatings like fabric softeners on the fabric that will interfere with your process.  I wasn’t expecting this question and it took me by surprise a little bit!  (good question though)  I’ll add it into my notes now.  Wednesday’s webinar made me realize I need at least two hours for this presentation.  I skipped over so much information that I meant to present.

       Scott Gerwitz
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        Thank you Mary for these book suggestions.

        They are listed in the Resource Hub>Library.




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