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     Lili Lennox
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      Hey everyone- there’s a bit of a bug in the forum software code that results in duplicate copies of digest emails. Perhaps you’ve been experiencing this issue as well?

      Our IT guy has been doing some research into it, and as he’s digging for solutions on his end, he’d like to know if we could discern a pattern in who receives them.

      Do you receive duplicate digest emails? Did it happen once, twice, or does it happen every time? If it started or stopped suddenly– when? Was it after you posted something or subscribed to a topic?

      If this problem affects you, it would really be helpful if you could do 2 minutes of sleuthing and look through your emails to see when your duplicates began, and what (if anything) happened directly before that. Or, just send a shout that says you’re experiencing this too.

      You can post your results here, message me directly in the forum, or email me at

      We want to solve this! Thank you, everyone!

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        When I first signed up I was getting daily duplicates. It stopped happening at some point, but I don’t know when. I only keep “trash” email 30 days, and there have been no duplicates for the past month.


        Initially I was getting duplicate mailings of every mailing, but recently it’s been maybe about 50% of the time. Interestingly enough, one of the mailings usually goes through to my inbox and the other gets sent to junkmail, or sometimes both get sent to junk if there’s a duplicate, despite my having put the email address on the non-junk list.


        I sporadically get duplicates though it has been a while since that has happened, maybe a couple months. However, just got two identical e-mails today. I am signed up for weekly e-mails. Good luck figuring this out!

         Nicole Deibert
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          I started getting the daily emails as of yesterday and i get 2 emails each time.

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            I’ve gotten multiples for quite a while. They came right after another in my in-box so it was easy to delete one.

            Doubles stopped for about a week two weeks ago, but now they’re back.

            This morning they came at 6:12am and 8:40am. So that was new.


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