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    What is the best way to get rid of Cal-Tints? I have some that are mostly hard, and some that are too separated to use, I’m wondering what everyone else dose with there tints when they are not longer useful?


      I’m following this thread to see if anyone has a good procedure for this.

      I don’t think I’ve ever actually disposed of them- just added water and rehydrated them a lot. Some of the colors (yellows especially, in my experience) seem to settle really heavily. Being diligent about shaking them doesn’t seem to do quite enough, but you can rehab them pretty successfully with super thorough mixing with a little immersion blender like this one:

      The downside is that the blender doesn’t fit into the Cal-tint bottle, so you have to transfer to contents to a deli cup for this process. (anyone who is new to Cal-tints should know: Keep them off your skin! Nitrile gloves are a must, and don’t let them splash on work surfaces without cleaning them off right away) Using a tiny silicone spatula to clean off the blender and cups before rinsing is super helpful to reduce contaminants, too.

      Wondering if one could use a tiny narrow milk frother like this, or if it’d be too weak?

      Another thing I’ve noted is that Mixol tints, in addition to having a better range of earth tones and a truly lovely shade of blue, have never settled out on me. I’ve had the same set of bottles in my personal kit for more than 8 years now with no caked up bottoms.


      Yes I agree they do seem to last forever! The few that I need to get rid of are whats left after years of adding water and mixing ect. Knowing what I already know about Tints , don’t put them down the sink, and that they are supposed to never fully dry, I was hopping that someone else had already found a way to toss them safely!

      I do like that idea of trying to use a milk frother for mixing, that’s a great idea!

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        Hanging my head in shame as I have washed out a bottle or two of tint – not knowing I should- but then I have taken them to a local paint store and had them fill that bottle with a tint color from their tint machine. It doesn’t clump up as much.

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        I just checked out the Safety Data Sheet for CalTint, and the disposal section (13) says:

        13. Disposal considerations

        Disposal instructions

        Collect and reclaim or dispose in sealed containers at licensed waste disposal site.

        Local disposal regulations

        Dispose in accordance with all applicable regulations.

        Hazardous waste code

        The waste code should be assigned in discussion between the user, the producer and the waste

        disposal company.

        Waste from residues / unused


        Dispose of in accordance with local regulations. Empty containers or liners may retain some

        product residues. This material and its container must be disposed of in a safe manner (see:

        Disposal instructions).

        So, it sounds like you dispose of it like any other hazardous material at your local waste center, just like in the “MOLD” thread. Hope this helps!

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