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     Angelique Powers
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    So with today’s Scenic Route post “Getting a Hand on Gloves” I would like to know what brand and ‘mil thickness’ have you grown to love? A brand you hate? Do you have different brands for Nitrile vs Latex?

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    [attachment=0]extended cuff.jpg[/attachment]I buy S/M/L/XL disposable nitrile gloves by the case from

    8 mil

    extended cuff (total length of glove about 11″- nice)


    no powder

    brand is SureCare

    1 case= 10 boxes of 50 single gloves @ $74.50/case ($7.45 per box not including shipping)

    Usually arrives within 3-4 days

    The only drawbacks to these we have found are totally workable and mostly more amusing than annoying: sizing is sometimes inconsistent between batches; the wrists tend to fit tighter than you’d expect from the palm size; and the fingers are sometimes also proportionally long. But all in all, a good value for our shop of 3 staff and overhire.

    Side note: we use to get almost all of our PPE etc from Lab Safety, but have had no luck with Grainger after they merged: fewer choices, more expensive, not great website searchability (after giving up on finding the type of spray booth filter I had bought several times from them and ordering a different one, they sent me a marketing email recommending the one I actually wanted…Sweet Mother of Pearl…)

     Jason Strom
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    I buy cases of Venom Black Nitrile gloves from Amazon. They usually run about $70 for a case of 1000 gloves.

    4 mil

    Lightly textured


    9″ long

    1 box = 100 gloves @ $7.00

    1 case = 1000 gloves @ $70.00

    Sizing seems to be pretty consistent and fits most everyone without too much slack. These are great general purpose gloves for us.

    They do make a 6 mil version, but the price doesn’t give you much extra. If we need more chemical protection we have 12 mil non-disposables that we keep in the shop.

    Claire, I gave up on Grainger too. I’m don’t know how they do business with their prices continually going up!

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    “Our” Grainger rep contacted me the other day to see if/how they could help; apparently they are trying to see if “brokering” (finding) products for us that they don’t carry would help them retain our business. I said, “Try finding gloves with these specs by the case at a better price” and she came back with one source/price for single gloves that did not …mmmmm….. even make sense…..

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