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     Jamie Clausius
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      Hello all!

      I am in the unique position to design my own paint shop! The company I work for is moving to a new space, one that we actually get to design ourselves! I have a list of things I think are pertinent to a new paint shop, but I wonder what you all would suggest to help me build a wonderful new space! Here are some very general specifics, since I just got told about this a week ago we are in the extremely early planning stages:

      1) I do not know the space or size of my shop yet, but I do know we will be building a soft Celetex floor to staple drops to be painted on, hopefully with room to lay down 2 of our standard backdrops.

      2) This shop is going to be primarily a backdrop painting shop, though I am thinking there needs to be a space for masking flats, and other random hard stock.

      3) We are going to be installing LED lights, since we rent out our product I thought this may be the most ‘middle of the road’ and cost efficient (eventually) option.

      4) Proper ventilation is being planned, since we do quite a bit of pneumatic spraying.

      5) I am trying to push for a climate controlled (meaning heating and air conditioning) shop. Air conditioning is a bit of a luxury, are there any other factors I could name to help prove its validity other than paint drying, backdrop storage and general worker productivity?

      6) I also have yet to work out all the little spaces/cubicle holes for various tool storage, but its on the list!

      7) Also a double sink (we just have a tiny little single one) and drying racks.

      I’m sure I’m missing many variables, but that is why I have come to you fine people to give me suggestions! Thanks guys and I hope this sparks your imagination as much as my enthusiasm!

      Jamie Clausius

        • Experience: 15-20 years
        • Scenic Status: Full Time Regular

        I got to design my shop when we moved into our new space in 2016. I made a scale drawing of the space and all the things I wanted in it (desk, spray booth, mixing table, etc). I spent a long time playing with the layout. I would get some kind of paint trap, and push to have a double faucet in addition to the sinks. I have a double basin but only one faucet and it’s annoying. I really wanted power drops from the ceiling, although I could see that being less helpful in a drop shop. If you figure out the heat/AC issue let me know, I’m still having that fight. :,(

        Have fun!



          Congratulations. Great that you have this opportunity to have a purpose-built scenic painting shop. I’m glad to see that proper ventilation is on your list of requirements. Please make sure that your budget includes engaging an industrial hygienist to help you fully assess the ventilation needs, and a ventilation engineer to design the industrial ventilation your space will need, especially to eliminate the hazards from the air spraying. For your work on smaller items you might look into the type of fold-up spray booth such as the one in the Milwaukee Rep shop. (see attached photo). [attachment=0]Fold-up spray booth-Milwaukee Rep Paint Shop.jpg[/attachment]
          Best wishes for success on your project.


           Scott Gerwitz
            • Experience: 20+ years
            • Scenic Status: Full Time Regular

            Not sure if you use dyes- if you do it would be nice to get a small portable cabinet spray booth thing- not sure what they are called. They make a perfect place to mix the dyes.

            Mixing table- design your mixing table with wheels. You might find it better to move it to different areas of the shop. And include lighting on the mixing table for color matching.

            Have fun!!

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