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     Angelique Powers
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      Next week is July, which means the new fiscal year, which means I can buy new stuff that I have been waiting to replace.

      I need a new supply of CLEAR plastic deli cups with lids that don’t suck.

      My old go-to went out of business and I made the mistake of letting my TD find a new brand.

      They suck- the cup often “bends” when I’m trying to put the lid on, sometimes with disastrous results.

      If there is any type of paint on the rim, the lids either refused to fit and seal, or worse sealed so well we couldn’t get them off!!

      I like to buy two sizes, that fit the same lid – what do you got for me?

      I need the brand, and the website please

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       Anonymous !

        They have several grades, and you can tell by the photos which ones are the crappy shiny clear ones and which are the more durable, slightly cloudy ones.

         Rachael Claxton
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          If you end up looking for something more heavy duty, a while back I swapped over all my deli cups to plastic wide-mouth jars and I love them. I buy a bunch of different sizes from U-Line and use them for touch-up kits, sample mixing, and small projects. The lid screws on so should they fall on the floor or get jostled around, the paint usually won’t spill out everywhere. Good luck!


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            I like the food service cups from Mcmaster <a href="; class=”bbcode_url”> but I also buy containers from Home Depot because the measurement markings are often helpful. The lids work on the smaller HD cups but not the larger ones…


            I’ve found some perfectly lovely things at the dollar store. Going into the house ware section and buying the knock-off GLAD and ziplock containers, they’re great for when you need to be able to send the paint somewhere. Also my stage manager always has coffee going over in the rehearsal space. Maxwell House and Folgers may not be the tastiest coffee but the cans are great mix and store buckets.

             Tina Yager
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              When I want nice sturdy cups I get these ones:


              When I’m buying for students I usually hit up the local restaurant supply store.

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               Angelique Powers
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                Thanks to Val for the Websturant lead!

                After more than a month of use: filling with paint, opening, closing, opening again, washing and reusing I am proud to say I like the “Choice HD Microwaveble Deli cup and lid”

                You can find it here –

                The price isnt bad, but they do not have a free shipping option 🙁

                [attachment=0]Deli cups.png[/attachment]

                 Jason Strom
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                  My go to cups are from AutoBody Toolmart. Decent price and they are graduated, with a PHD!! Seems silly to have that many markings, but sometimes we are mixing products that need a little precision and these come in super handy. They also last forever.

        ” class=”bbcode_url”>

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