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     Rebekka Richter
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      Hi folks!

      I’m currently having a bit of a conundrum – we ordered Crystal Gel over a month ago for a fabric “window” treatment. Unfortunately it looks like Rosco won’t be able to fulfill our order in time.

      I am currently sampling PVA as an alternative but would love other options that can be found locally or are in stock – the finished effect is meant to be a relatively transparent “textured glass”.

      I am also going to sample with some Henry’s but my concern is that it will be too opaque.


      Thanks in advance!
      (USF 2022 Engelstad Charge Artist)

       Rebekka Richter
        • Experience: 5-10 years
        • Scenic Status: Full Time Freelance

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        Update in case anyone else runs into this issue!

        We are going forward with the treatment using DAP Clear paintable caulking. It behaves very similarly to Crystal Gel when applied to the fabric and is significantly less expensive! Happy painting!

         Nicole Deibert
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          I’m a bit late to the topic, but I’ve used Artist gloss gel medium to create stained glass windows. It adheres well to plexiglass and you can tint it with food colouring and transparent Artist acrylics.  This picture is in process, so some of the areas are still drying and look milky  


          Late to the thread, but if anyone is ever working with glass or plexi and wants a textured effect, similar to dirty/cloudy windows, regular Minwax poly flat or satin sealer works great in a pinch!

          I am currently coping with the loss of Sculpt-or-Coat and Crystal Gel was going to be my backup plan until I realized that Rosco still hasn’t caught up. We don’t use fabric/soft goods or foam very often, but my designer loves the durability and look of it when paddled as texture for walls and floors… I’m currently coping with a process of Peel-Stop, Ready Patch, another coat of Peel-Stop, BIN Primer, then the paint color, and topped with 2-3 coats of Minwax Gloss Sealer. Lets see how the run of this show does, ha.

           Nathalie Schlosser
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            We recently used the Golden regular gel medium as an alternative to Crystal gel to get a textured wood grain and it worked great!  Got the idea to try the Golden line from the awesome webinar on clear coatings that Jillie Eves did earlier this year.

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