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     Tessa Broyles
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      I’m looking into making sure I have a good basic toolkit as a scenic artist. I have a few brushes, but as a recent grad, I’m not sure I have everything that would be useful. I’m especially wanting to get good quality and long lasting ones (but not ridiculously expensive), but I’m not sure what brands. What do you recommend I make sure I have and where would I get them? Besides brushes, is there any tool you would die without?

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        We have a good thread floating around called “brushes with greatness” I believe. Good info on there.

        I don’t work in theater so much but when the fun scene painting comes my way I like to have…. fitch brush set, a few Purdy liners in different sizes, 4” lay in brushes, large and smaller splash brushes, chip brushes (the crappier the better), and I have an assortment of other smaller brushes.

        The fitch brushes came from Rosco. Splash brushes came from local hardware store along with any house painting brushes. Chip brushes can be had anywhere. My collection of other brushes has been acquired over the years from Utrecht.

        There is no such thing as too many brushes


        So I came here looking for a thread like this, because I am currently assembling my first Fitch set, but I couldn’t find the thread “Brushes with Greatness”. Could anyone point me to which forum it’s in?

         Lili Lennox
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          If that link doesn’t work, it’s in “general discussion” under “industry and career talk”.

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