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      I posted about our stage floor that’s going to be “rained” on. We are applying a linoleum to the stage (called Tarkett), but it has come to my attention that the actors will also be in bare feet, walking through the rain curtain, getting soaked and walking all over the stage. So this will be a wet, wet show.

      Any thoughts as to how to help them not slip? I don’t want to use a sand additive because that’s rough on the feet, but I was recently told about Sharkgrip at Sherwin Williams. Has anyone had any experience with this?

      I mentioned that we had used a liquid rosin in the past, but never with a wet floor situation.


      Sharkgrip is fantastic! It gives you great grip without being hard on bare feet! However, I only have experience mixing it directly into the paint for a floor treatment, so I don’t know how it would work being applied as part of a top coat over linoleum. I’m not saying it wouldn’t work, I just personally haven’t tried it. I’m sure as long as whatever you mix it into sticks to your linoleum, you’ll be good. If you have barefoot actors on a wet stage, I would suggest adding a little more than is recommended so you get a nice grip-y surface. If you have some spare tiles to experiment with, I would try a few different mixtures, AND a few different ways to apply it. (I find that rollers can sometimes eat up some of the grip, and sometimes brushes don’t get enough onto the stage. It depends on the viscosity and the stickiness of your paint or sealer, so try both and see what works better for you.) Lastly, MIX all the time as you paint! Sharkgrip can sink to the bottom if what it’s mixed into, so its always good to stir it up as you go. Otherwise, you’ll end up with patches of sandpaper floor, and patches of slippery danger. Good Luck!

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