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    Hey all, I’ve heard that people do this… any of ya’ll out there use street shoe without the catalyst? If yes, do you notice any difference in the application process, leveling, or durability?

     Robert Pedersen
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    Per the tech starts of Street Shoe the catalyst works as a plasticizer – that is, it keep it from becoming brittle. Apparently the stuff will cure without it – never used it, don’t know for myself. But it will be more prone to mar and scuffing, as that’s the warning for when the catalyst is beyond the 24 hours and the product needs to be recatalyzed.

    This calls for a sample swatch – which you can then attempt to mar and scuff and chip. Save yourself the headache of a whole job gone wrong if it fails.

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    The same company also makes a product called Easy Street, which doesn’t require a catalyst and is about $30 less a gallon. We have used it a few times, and have had great results.

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