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     Kevin Loeffler
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      I’m getting ready to do a production of Titus Andronicus and the director is very excited about buckets of blood on stage. I’m obviously concerned about the floor/scenic treatments getting stained or washed out after being cleaned at the end of the night. Does anyone have any recommendations on floor/scenic sealers that can stand up to liquid and being mopped/cleaned each night, but are also matte or satin finish? Ideally, something that can be applied indoors.

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        Bona Traffic.

        It’s a catalyzed floor sealer. I’ve seen it used in houses as well as basketball courts.

        It will go the distance.

         Rachael Claxton
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          Varathane water-based floor sealer also works great too. We did a gory production of Macbeth last year with a stained plywood floor and with multiple coats of sealer the floor held up great. I had the crew use a little Murphy’s soap in their mop buckets instead of harsher chemical cleaners and we didn’t have any issues.

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