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    Hello, everyone!

    I’m tasked with covering an 800 sq ft outdoor show deck with a layer of straw, straight from the bale.

    Gluing a splintery, organic material to an outdoor floor seems pretty optimistic to me, but in the spirit of giving it a good try, I made a few samples with Crystal gel and Nova acrylic matte medium. These both worked as heavy-body clear glues, which really held the straw in place better than the sealers and flex glues I dabbled with. However, I don’t know how such gels hold up to constant foot traffic or the hot, blazing sun of Orinda, California. Plastics, foams, and actors have been known to melt on our stage during particularly brutal matinees.

    Any ideas for durable, preferably clear, exterior adhesives, glues, goops, or other? I plan to do some textural painting with a cut roller and spatters first, so if the straw really starts to give up the ghost, there will be some life underneath.

    Has anyone dealt with such a situation?

    Many thanks for any and all suggestions!

    Anya Kaz

    Charge Artist

    California Shakespeare Theatre


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      Try Flexbond by rosco. Water based clear flex glue. You can dilute it and spray it in layers or try to roll it on.


      While it may not be your responsibility, several years back we were going to use a straw floor and the fire marshal stopped us. OK, this was indoors in a college in one community but the fire authority was the state fire marshal. He cited all manner of statutes and insurance regulations. We chose to paint the deck. We did discover later there are straw like fiberglass panels used in construction for Tiki type venues which are rated safe.

      Lots of places just use the straw or hay and gamble. We were a college with internal “elf-n-safety” which began our investigation, so you may not have any problems.

      Please post some photos of what you end up with. Thanks,



      Thanks for the suggestions everyone!

      —I’ll try a Flexbond test next for sure.

      —The roll-out straw blanket look was almost our saving grace, but sadly the loose nylon netting holding all the straw in place shifted and tangled in every direction under foot traffic, even when we stapled the hell out of it.

      —Brian, is there a specific vendor that has the tiki fiberglass panels you’re talking about? Sounds very promising, but my searches have ended with tiki roof thatch.

      Thanks again, this is all immensely helpful. Pictures to come for sure, especially if the Fire Marshall says it’s all a go.



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