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    Hey, gang —

    I was vigorously cleaning out one of my fitches yesterday, and I guess I got a little too rough because all the bristles flew out of the ferrule in a single clump. (I guess I don’t know my own strength!)

    I’m sure this is a pretty common problem and I don’t think the brush is a lost cause. The bristles themselves are all still glued together — so I think I can easily place them back in the ferrule and re-attach the whole thing.

    My only question is: what sort of adhesive might hold up better, in order to prevent this from happening again? Are there any tried-and-true glues out there that you guys know of? I’d hate to see this poor fitch fall apart again, so any insight would be appreciated.

    I’m attaching a photo of the crime scene for everyone’s reference.

     Tina Yager
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      A friend of mine uses gorilla glue, I’ve never tried it but it seems like it would work well to me. I would think the main trick would be making sure the bristles are set straight/level into the ferrule while the glue is setting. I have yet to see a re-glued brush that wasn’t a little crooked. They always look like they were set in a table vice overnight and gravity took over.

      P.S. Love your evidence pictures.

       Jamie Clausius
        • Experience: 5-10 years
        • Scenic Status: Full Time Freelance

        To add to what Tina was suggesting, I’ve also known someone who had their own hack to prevent/repair brushes. She would use Jaxsan and at the base of the ferrule (where the ferrule meets the wood of the handle) and brush the Jaxsan over that connection. What is great about Jaxsan is it is flexible and waterproof so it prevents loose ferrules over time.

        I know that doesn’t immediately repair your current sad bristle separation, but maybe it can be useful in the future. Good luck, hope the brush surgery is successful!

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