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     Scott Gerwitz
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    I am painting a 50’s red and white speckled linoleum floor.

    At the USITT Rockin’ Rollers Seminar, one of the presenters showed a cut roller they used for that exact pattern. It made their process so fast!!

    Do any of you guys have such a roller? Curious how you made it.





    if you can’t find a roller, on top of your base coat, you can spatter and drag the necessary colours to get a really good facsimile. Best if you can do each colour separately, and work the floor in manageable sections.

     Jason Strom
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    I have made this type of roller before. We used the core of a paper roll, and adhered dots and strips of thick felt and 3M scrub pads. The core fit perfectly over a standard roller cover. The adhesive was Super 88 food adhesive, but I have also used contact cement, the flammable kind.

    We rolled it onto the wet base coat and dragged through it. Worked like a charm.

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