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      I had an entire floor of large, complicated tiles to paint last semester. There were seven different designs.  I cut them from oiled stencil board, and that was fine. Due to production issues throughout the semester, we made the decision to use the same tile patterns on the smaller pieces of scenery, which was also fine. I had done all the work to scan the original tile photos and create the different color runs using Photoshop, so it was a matter of resizing the images and printing them out again for cutting.

      Before I ever got down to cutting the second set there was suddenly a need for yet another, smaller set of the same patterns. These things happen in educational theater, and we roll with it. I really couldn’t face cutting three sets of stencils though, so I created the required files and then printed them on my 3-d printer.  We were not sure how the PLA plastic would work with the paint, but you know what? It’s awesome. And if a stencil gets too much paint overspray on it, take it to the sink and wash it off. Dry it with a paper towel, and away you go.  The machine can print a pretty fine detail, and I am not destroying my hand trying to cut them out. Only works for smaller pieces for the moment, but I assume with some planing the smaller stencils could be stitched together after printing to make a bigger image. I am sure there are other ways to do this but this way saved me on this show. Bonus that the fine detail doesn’t get damp and then curl up. They stay flat.

       design by Amy- Rose  Forbes -Erickson, CSUS 20203-d printed stencils Conrad.


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        It looks Great! I’m going to put this idea in my back pocket for later.

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