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     Rachael Claxton
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      Hello Students! (And fellow scenics!)

      I’m teaching a workshop this year for college students during the Humana Festival and am trying to come up with a topic. The kicker is that our education department wants it to be hands on and I only have 2 hours for the workshop. Usually my go to demo class is stained glass, but that tends to take about 3 hours. Does anyone have thoughts on what would make an interesting but short class? Students, is there something you wish you’d been able to try out in your college scenic painting class but just didn’t have the time or resources to do? All of the participants will have basic experience with painting, so ideally this workshop is a bit more specialized than your basic faux finishes.


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        Hi Rachael! An Idea.. Ghost signs – ever popular, very textural, can be loose, could go on any number of different surfaces. If paint was mixed in advance, and stencils and/or pounces too, then actually making them would be quick, even allowing for some time for you to demo a few approaches. Everybody could do one.


        Just a question: What are ghost signs?

          • Experience: 5-10 years
          • Scenic Status: Full Time Regular

          RaeKuhn wrote:

          Just a question: What are ghost signs?

          Ghost signs are super-faded hand-painted ads, usually on the sides of buildings. Here’s a good one:

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